Newsletter no.114 June 2017

Yes! I am back on my wonderful old computer! There are still one or two glitches to iron out, but I can merrily go on with the next book without too much of a hassle. My little old net book has gone in for a service – which it needed.

The proof reading for Murder for Nothing went off all right, and I’m told the book will be published on July 10th. Why July 10th? I’m not sure. Anyway, that’s the date for Britain – 3 months later for overseas.

Meanwhile I have to get back to work on the next Bea Abbot. My first draft ended up a bit short on the word count. That always seems to happen with my first draft. Then, when I come to work on it, I find that I haven’t explained this, and could well spend a little more time on that. So the second draft often ends up over the word count. I get it down to the right number on the third run through, and after that I check for the inevitable typos and silly mistakes that inevitably end up on the page when you keep altering the text. I’m hoping not to have to ask for another week’s grace. With luck, it will be all right.

Most days after lunch I retire to bed for half an hour’s snooze. What is it about the postman and the telephone that they choose that very half hour in which to require my attention? One day I was roused three times in half an hour to deal with someone who wanted to change the time of an appointment, by one postman delivering a book, and then – would you believe – a second postman ditto? I had to forgive the posties, though, as they were bringing me my audio book copies of False Wall, and the large print version of Murder in Style. Both now available through the usual channels. We did have a spot of bother about the cat on the cover of the audio book for False Wall. The original version had a ginger cat on it – but that’s Midge, who belongs to Ellie (or vice versa? Do cats belong to their owners, or do the owners belong to their cats?) So the designer had hastily to change a ginger tom for a black fluffy.

The next short story for The Methodist Recorder will be out on June 2nd in time for Pentecost. It’s always struck me as an interesting thought that the first disciples had to leave the safety of their locked room for the dangers of the marketplace, before they could spread the news about Jesus. If they had stayed inside, it’s arguable that Christianity would never exist today. Anyway, this next story is about how Sally learns she can leave her comfort zone to help someone who’s fallen down in the street – and the repercussions of that. Title: ‘You can do it!’ If you’d like to receive a copy of this story, email me, and I’ll send it to you, free.

And finally, a blessing; may we find opportunities to be kind to others, as we thank God for the blessings of this glorious summer.

Veronica Heley.