Newsletter No 199, May 2023

The flowers that bloom in the spring, tra la . . . are accompanied by weeds, patches of moss, and the dead twigs of plants that died in the winter. However, some plants have pleasantly surprised me by rejuvenating themselves. Seeds are beginning to germinate, lifeless-looking bushes are showing a haze of green and the birds are busy chasing the squirrels away from their nests.

Work continues. The short story ‘New Lives for Old’ was duly published in the Methodist Recorder at Easter and they have asked for another for July .I did manage to finish off the story about the tiny little black cat Max for the choir concert. Maximilian the Magnificent, Menace to Mice, goes on a wander, gets stranded up a tree but earns a new title. You can read it here.

I’ve been told that the hardback of the next Bea Abbot – False Name – will be out at the beginning of July, and they’re giving me another contract for No. 17 in the series. As you may have guessed, I’m really a cat person, but there’s a beautiful Alsatian in this book (and on the cover) who has quite won my heart.

I’m happy to say that the Abbot Agency e-books are still being published at regular intervals. A FALSE PRIDE came out on l7th April and A FALSE ACCOUNT is scheduled for 1st May. Then comes A FALSE CONCLUSION on May 14th while A FALSE FACE is scheduled for May 28th. And yes, there is still a black cat on the covers.

It seems that The Owlets – Mama plus children A,B,C and D – have gained a place in your affections. Here they pose with flowers from the garden. Thanks to Brenda W, Donna C and my daughter Fran, they now have names. Introducing: Mama Luna Owlet and son Owen, with his sisters Olivia and Ophelia. Unfortunately Owlet A is a very naughty boy and always trying to hide. They call him Awol. (Owl + A)

Starting on the 21st May, my daughter Fran will be walking the 200+ miles from Leeds to the Houses of Parliament to raise awareness of Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS), and funds to support it. She’ll be inside the Chamber on the 7th June, as her M.P. attempts to raise the difficulties faced by EDS sufferers at Prime Minister’s questions.

She is hoping that a good number of the EDS community will join her for the final (short) day’s walk to Parliament Square. The symbol used by EDS Uk is the Zebra – hence her striking outfit. The collective term for Zebras is a “Dazzle”, and she’s hoping for a final Zebra stampede to really create a spark.

Her Facebook page is:

Pathway to Parliament in aid of EDS UK | Leeds | Facebook

A blessing on those who can make us laugh even after listening to the news.

Veronica Heley