Newsletter no.180, 1st October, 2021

                    ‘False Face’ was published 30th September.

Hurray, and at last! The 15th Abbot Agency story is finally out there and ready to read. The story? Bea’s husband, Piers, has nearly finished the portrait of a fading film star, Karina, when she claims that he’s conspired with young Molly, a ghost-writer, to steal some jewellery. Molly is a fantasist, but she might be telling the truth for once. The hardback came out in the UK on 30th September, the e-book will be November 1st, and the USA hardback is at the start of December.

Meanwhile, there’s a large print hardback and a paperback out of FALSE CONCLUSION, a Bea Abbot story about a schoolgirl friend of Bernice’s, who may or may not have been the victim of a nasty plot to silence her. And if so, why?

               The following is for all fellow writers . . .

I’m sure you knew that Public Lending Right has been taken into the hands of the British Library. Be warned! If you haven’t registered anything since May this year, you now have to re-register with the British Library. I did not find this easy, and had to resort to the Customer Service phone line, where a nice man talked me through the procedure, which involved right clicking on something! I’ve only ever used a right click to check spelling and grammar mistakes before! I think – I hope – I managed it.

                                        The next Ellie Quicke . . .

is coming on a treat. I got through to the end of the first draft and stopped work in order to deal with that horrid pile of To Do pieces of paper which had been accumulating – and to register with the British Library (see above.) Now I really have to settle in my mind on one or two important details before I start working on the next draft. How old exactly are the students concerned? Has Diana really managed to get another ring on her finger? And what is Susan and Rafael’s new baby to be called?

                         The next short story is: ‘Chocolate Soup.’

An elderly man gives Sally some money to buy and give some flowers away but this well-meant action can be misinterpreted, as she soon discovers. You can access it here.

                                                               Parsley’s Pose

Today Parsley has taken shelter under a fuchsia which is both flowering and fruiting at the same time – although I don’t think the fruit would be as good to eat as my neighbour’s Bramley apples. The tiny cyclamens I grew from seed and now appear all over the back garden.           

A blessing on those who have the patience to listen to friends in trouble. 

Veronica Heley